VMworld 2019 is Quickly Approaching: This is what I recommend

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There is so much going on at VMworld this year around EUC and I am having a hard time keeping up with all the sessions I want to go to. Below I have a list 14 interesting topics I found while browsing the catalog. I recommend going to these in addition to mine!

How to Offer Mac as a Choice with Workspace ONE UEM [UEM2099BU]

As organizations look to migrate from Windows 7 and, at the same time, onboard the new modern workforce, they are tasked to offer the best experience and toolkit to help them be productive. Offering the ability for users to pick any device of their choice can significantly improve their experience, satisfaction, and a path to migrate away from older Windows 7 machines. In this session, you will hear from VMware, Apple, and some of our customers on how they have embraced Mac as a choice.

Windows 10 Troubleshooting Tips and Tricks [UEM1460BU]

Nothing is worse than leveraging a powerful solution and not knowing how it works or why it’s not working as expected. This workshop will provide general troubleshooting guidance as well as solutions to specific problems for various Windows 10 features in VMware Workspace ONE UEM. Find out how Workspace ONE UEM manages Windows 10 devices and troubleshoots various Windows 10 components, such as software distribution, updates, onboarding, and common logging locations. This workshop will also explore how to leverage Workspace ONE Advanced Remote Management to provide end users with remote support, as well as discuss all of the different device wipe options. The exercises in this workshop are targeted to those with previous Windows 10 management experience in Workspace ONE UEM.

The New Frontier: A Unified Workspace That Gives Time Back to IT [UEM2679BU]

Imagine a world where your IT team can stop spending the majority of their time on device setups, app updates, and support calls. Imagine what they can do with their time to solve critical business challenges and innovate. Stop imagining and learn how you can revolutionize your business with Dell Technologies Unified Workspace.

Make Zero-Touch Provisioning on Windows 10 a Reality for Your Organization [UEM2263BU]

Want a zero-touch device provisioning experience for your users but don’t know where to start? Modernizing deployment can be challenging and overwhelming with many dependencies on other technologies. Come learn what it takes to make this a reality.

What’s New with Workspace ONE? [UEM3009BU]

In this session, learn what’s new with VMware Workspace ONE—from Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub to productivity apps. Find out how to empower your employees with Hub Services, such as Notifications, Mobile Flows, People, and Home. This session will dive deep into mobile, desktop, Mac, and Windows deployments, as well as through your journey from just device management to Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub.

Mastering the Move to Modern Management Using ConfigMgr [UEM1570BU]

Want to lessen the risks when migrating to modern PC management? In this session, we will demonstrate how to do so with VMware Workspace ONE through co-management with ConfigMgr for your Windows 10 devices. This session will focus on moving workloads (devices, users, apps, collections) and use cases to modern management so you can reduce time spent on mundane IT tasks and focus on driving value for your business. You will learn all of the options available today as well as best practices for beginning your journey.

Security Takes a Village: Leveraging Workspace ONE Trust Network [UEM2155BU]

Security continues to be a top priority for mobility and digital workplace investment, yet complexity from using dozens of security tools in silos continues to be a challenge for organizations. Join this session to discover how VMware Workspace ONE Trust Network can give your organization a comprehensive, modern enterprise security approach to secure your employees, apps, endpoints, and networks. See demos of how Workspace ONE is architected with an API framework that integrates with trusted security partner solutions to provide a security approach you can count on.

Migrating Your Workspace ONE Deployment to the Cloud [UEM1929BU]

Within your organization, you are probably well underway on your cloud journey, whether it’s consuming software as a service (SaaS) or gradually moving workloads that make sense to the public or private cloud. SaaS has many benefits over traditional on-premises delivered offerings, including lower support costs, less maintenance overhead, less patching, and quicker time to value. This session explores some of those and our cloud architecture, as well as how we can help you take your VMware Workspace ONE deployment to the cloud.

How to Design a Zero-Trust Architecture Using Workspace ONE [UEM1558BU]

In this session, we will discuss how to build a zero-trust security architecture using features and functionality within VMware Workspace ONE.

Using VMware EUC APIs for Automation from a Fling Engineer [CODE1458BU]

Hear from a VMware engineer who has developed 8 end-user computing (EUC) flings on how to find and use REST APIs in VMware App Volumes, VMware Horizon 7, VMware Identity Manager, and VMware Workspace ONE UEM. Learn how to use tools such as Postman and browser developer tools. See how to use PowerShell to interact with the APIs for automation. The session will also contain several code examples.

Getting Started with VMware {code} Unified Endpoint Management Samples [CODE1567U]

Learn about all of the coding samples on the VMware {code} sample exchange. We will review how to use them, how to contribute, and explore future coding projects. We have samples for scripting onboarding of macOS and Windows 10 devices, for applying policies automatically leveraging REST APIs, and for Dell provisioning for VMware Workspace ONE. Sample Workspace ONE Sensors with a script to auto-populate your environment with data quickly. Join this session to learn how to get started today.

Privacy and Choice with Workspace ONE [DEE2294BU]

Millions of people are unaware of and uninformed about how their personal information is being used, collected, or shared in our digital society. This session will inspire a dialogue and empower individuals and companies to take action, while also showcasing that privacy is core to VMware Workspace ONE and how it enables choice for end users leveraging the Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub privacy options.

No Password? No Problem. Eliminate Passwords in Your Organization. [DEE2495BU]

Every year, there’s a new story about a big company breach that affects the targeted company and the thousands of customers whose information is compromised. In many cases, the breach happens due to employee credentials being compromised. This has organizations looking at ways to eliminate the dependency on using passwords to access protected corporate resources. In this session, we will explore the different tools available in the VMware Workspace ONE platform that can empower an organization to eliminate passwords. See how this can result in both improved security and a better customer experience when accessing corporate applications.

Enabling the Full Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub Experience [DEE2391BU]

Are you taking advantage of all VMware Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub has to offer? VMware product managers will take you through several real-world customer journeys, moving from traditional device management into digital transformation through Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub. We will show how you can move to the next step in your journey to optimize your end users’ experience. This session will include an example starting with a deployment that uses Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub for device management and the legacy app catalog. We will walk through the recommended communications and necessary product changes to enable the modern, unified catalog within Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub. We will highlight how the end users’ experience will change to show you exactly what to expect as you expedite digital transformation.

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